I recently began to set up a new MiniPC cluster and needed a VM template. Usually, I would use something like Ubuntu. However, this time I wanted to go with Debian. Initially, my older methods of using Packer seemed to offer little for this process. Though I was looking half-heartedly. Then along came Brandon’s post on his deployment of Debian 11. Brandon’s method seemed solid, but it had a few issues for my work case:

Configuring CyberPower RMCard

5 min read May 8, 2024 967 words
This is a guide to how I securely configure a CyberPower RMCard. By default, many settings are left to be desired. In this guide I assume the actual power-related settings are based on good engineering principles i.e. Keep it default stupid. 1. Firmware Upgrade When setting up a new device the first thing we should do is update it. As of the time of this writing, you can download version 1.