It's Over 9000

5 min read April 14, 2024 999 words
The Backdrop In early 2024 a user decided that they /really/liked my Blackbox API. They and many others decided to blow my little cluster out of the water and ship an astonishing 3 Billion requests in a single month. All of this was handled timely with only 6 old E3 servers and some caching magic. Funny enough, this wasn’t even the first time my cluster had handled a rush like this.

Taking The Firsts Steps

4 min read April 11, 2024 753 words
The First Iteration It all started, initially, with a few ServeTheHome YouTube videos. They had been talking about the power of MiniPCs and how many of the cheaper models you could find on the likes of eBay were quite powerful. It soon turned into a series, Project TinyMiniMicro, which I watched through as I settled down during my evenings. Many videos later a Woot! the email hit my inbox. An offer for Dell Optiplex 5070 Micros was listed… and I knew what I could do with them!

A Fresh Start

2 min read April 10, 2024 248 words
Over a decade ago I colocated my first servers. It was a Dell PowerEdge 2950 RII, and it was a very good learning tool for an 18-year-old me. I think I was running Xen Server 5.5. After a few years, I moved from Xen Server to Proxmox. Who needs VMWare ESXi anyway? KVM with KSM made such an impact on me, allowing me to run more VMs and begin the all-to-common IT build-out of more and more services.